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  • Meditation

    They say peace itself comes from within. They say peace itself is based on environment. They say peace can be achieved. Unbeknownst to me the idea of peace was based on a mindful and spiritual process.

    I also believe that that we all have similar experiences and needs that gift us with peace, whether it be integrating that into our daily lives (having a healthy meal) or going away for a vacation (yes, please)!

    In the past, I had pushed aside the idea of meditation and now it is a part of my daily practice. I will never forget being in my first meditation session and the mixed, enlightening, confusing, and awakening feelings that resonated from within. The truth is, although there are many ways to practice meditation, I could relate to the feeling of being in room with complete strangers and told not to open my eyes (when in fact I did the opposite) and practice deep breathing (more like what I am having for lunch)? I could also relate to the human experience of recognizing my own wandering thoughts & judging them. I remember the unsettling experience and mixed emotions that came with it. But somehow, it became more enticing. Perhaps it was enlightenment or a mere self-revelation, but if mindfulness was going to be a part of my daily practice, I knew it had to feed my soul (not to mention, time-efficient).

    This is why I am happy to say meditation has been my ultimate go-to! I have a liking to it because you can choose to dedicate time, place, music, no music, guided, silence. Also, there are a wide array of free meditations (even for kids), which a huge plus! I can appreciate the mind as a powerful resource and mediation can certainly help you achieve balance and stillness. A sense of self-preservation.

    In my 24 hours to attend to all my daily duties and responsibilities, 10 minutes of my day is carved out and dedicated to practice meditation. It is my sacred place.

    -Soniya Niman, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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